DJane Solaris was born in England and grew up in Austria and currently lives in Copenhagen.
After her training as a fashion designer, she started her career in 1995 as a fashion designer. She designed costumes for musicians and CD/Video and open-air –productions. At an after-show-party she started to play Ping-Pong with the DJs and decided to start a career as a DJane. She launched in 2000. She has inherited the musical talent from her parents and started playing the piano and the violin. She has published several singles which she produced with her cousin. She has performed in many different countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy, England and the United Arab Emirates.
DJane Solaris is known for her unique DJ-Set in the VIP-Scene and has become a component flexible. In the last 10 years she has not only played in VIP-Clubs but also in nightclubs and at grand corporate events.